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About the project

  • Producer: Pei-Yu Lin

  • Affiliation: M.A. Journalism student at the University of Arizona.

  • Funding: This project has received travel grants from the Carpenter Travel Scholarship and funding from the James Edward Duncan Scholarship.

  • With the guidance from Pei-Yu's advising professors at the University of Arizona, Kim Newton and Jeannine Relly, she investigated and produced the project independently without interference from any parties.

About: About

About the Producer​


Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Pei-Yu Lin is a bilingual journalist who speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese. She is currently a breaking news intern reporter at The Arizona Republic, the largest daily newspaper in Arizona. She has previously interned as a reporter at Radio Free Asia Mandarin Service.

Lin's work has focused on, but was not limited to, breaking news and crime in Arizona, human rights issues in Mainland China, overseas Hong Kong pro-democracy movements, southeast migrant workers in Taiwan, and Arab language and culture in the Middle East.

Her stories have been published by several media outlets, including The Arizona Republic, Arizona Daily Star, El Inde, Patagonia Regional Times, Radio Free Asia Mandarin Service, The Taipei Times, The Jordan Times, The Reporter, The Initium, Caixin Globus, and Insight Post International Affairs.

Currently based in the U.S., she is pursuing a master’s degree in the School of Journalism at The University of Arizona. Before that, she studied Arabic for more than four years and received her bachelor’s degree in the Department of Arabic Language and Culture at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

From 2016 to 2017, she studied Modern Standard Arabic at the University of Jordan. It was the Middle East that had changed her worldview and turned her into a truth seeker and a storyteller.

Lin’s CV and work can be found at


Twitter: @peiyulintw

About: About
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